About me ?

The Choblab is both the Chob’s Laboratory (Chob being my nickname) and the « blab »  to talk about interactive experiences, good practices and useful resources about the web.

My past

Using a pseudo does not mean a shameful past to hide ! I’ve been working in the Internet almost since it was born. There was a time when the web was formed of WAIS and Gophers. My graduation thesis (1994) for the Regional Council of Ile de France was about the opportunity to create a website…

Since then, I spent :

* 16 months Embassy in an exotic country (educative coooperation consultant)
* 9 months in export consulting as a librarian
* 3 years in the naval industry in charge of competitive and market intelligence
* 5 months for a software editor (I will never be a developer)
* 5 years in the human resources consulting, responsible for Internet and online services
* 5 months in the promotion of innovative materials as online marketing manager
* 5 years in the environmental sector, as internet/intranet manager
* X years (ongoing) in the health sector, as chief of digital

I would describe myself as a web&communications professional. I know how to define strategic guidelines and how to manage web projects, being proficient in marketing, design, editorial, UX, technical and even legal matters.

Well, that does not say everything about me, but it’s a start !

Please contact me by email : chob [at] choblab.com.